ruby wolf press comes back after hiatus with a scorcher of a book.

rubdeo, Sheree Mack’s first creative non-fiction book, hit the Kindle downloads at the end of July 2016.  Part memoir, part prose, part poetry, rubedo is Sheree’s first public discussion about the traumatic ordeal she experienced which started in May 2015, when she was accused of being a plagiarist on Facebook,

A label she adamantly refuses to accept and identify with, Sheree documents in great detail her life during and after this very public shitstorm ( her words!).


This is an honest, harrowing and at times difficult read, with Sheree writing at her very best, as she reclaims her authentic voice to document her truth.


I love the feel of vowels on my tongue.
I see words, I hear sentences. I pick them up,
roll them around my mouth,
roll them along my hands, arms and body.
I stash them in my pockets, my bag.
Going about my everyday business,
I sneak a peek now and then, perhaps
pulling out a couple to hold up
to the light like a mason jar of butterflies.
Only when I’m alone, by the light
of the waning moon do I wolf them
down, words, making them mine,
all mine. These words tell my story,
my way. Or at least this is what I think they do.
You can think otherwise.*


*extract from rubedo by Sheree Mack

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