ruby wolf press is an independent publisher established to publish the writings of woman who are REWILDING.

What do we mean by REWILDING?

We mean those women who are actively using their creativity to reclaim their authentic self.

Woman learn from an early age how to be good . The good daughter, the good wife, the good employee. Within Western culture, woman are socialised into putting everyone else’s needs and wants before her own. She learns to shut down parts of herself in order to fit in, to be accepted in society. She stops listening to her own authentic internal voice, an intuitive knowledge base in order to progress in the external world of productivity. But in the process she mopes further and further away from Herself, her wild feminine divine self.

ruby wolf press encourages and supports women on their path to their authentic self. We want to share your journeys, explorations and experiences as you start listening to the wild essence within, that has been silenced but is learning to howl again, so that other women out there on a similar journey does not feel so alone.